mission statement

At SWTC we hold true that everyone has the right to both the knowledge and skills to feel safe. Therefore, we created  South West Tactical Center. To facilitate the education, tools, and skills necessary to grow a sense of confidence and safety.  This is accomplished by providing the knowledge and real-world tested methods that will allow the consumer to  make the right choice when chaos arises.



Jake Bennett is the Co-Founder of SWTC. He has been in the emergency management business as both a first responder and a leader since he was 18 years old. Jake has an in-depth experience of incident management from both education and real world practice. After a lifetime of experience as a public servant Jake launched SWTC, a Las Cruces, NM based security consulting and risk Mitigation Company. This company has a special focus in work-place violence and active shooter situations for today’s world.             



Jesse Blue Eyes is the Co-Founder of SWTC. He is an Honorably separated United States Navy SEAL. In the SEAL Teams, Jesse specialized in Intelligence building, and the Arabic language. After Six years of faithful and honorable service to God and country, and Four years of selfless mentorship to the local recruiter, military, fire, PD, and border patrol personnel; Jesse and Jake launched SouthWest Tactical Center, a New Mexico-based security consulting and risk mitigation company with special focus in the field of workplace violence and active shooter mitigation.

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