Active Shooter/Mass Shooter training

Our cutting-edge curriculum provides the tools to management and employees so the they can  survive, manage and prevail. We take the basis of “Run, hide, fight” and mold it to your organization and implement real-world based exercises and techniques to ensure complete understanding, communication, and successful implementation of a comprehensive plan.


Civilian Survive Escape and Evade Resources or C.S.E.E.R.™ is comprehensive course designed for the individual or for the employee who works in the field. Operation C.S.E.E.R. ™ teaches situational awareness, threat recognition, planning and a full set of defensive strategies that can be used for any threat, anywhere, at any time.

Pre-Incident Planning ( Emergency Operations Planning)

We offer pre-incident planning for any event designed to meet or exceed FEMA standards. We design and provide our plans for our clients, their personnel, as well as any agencies that may be responding if an incident occurs. Our programs are unique in that we also include several training scenario response plans to use in preparing personnel for when an incident may occur.

Pre-Incident Plan and Emergency Operations Plan auditing

If you already have a pre-incident or emergency operations plan in place we offer auditing. This service ensures your plan is comprehensive and up to date.

Travel Security

Learn to travel with confidence and have the foresight to mitigate any risks you may encounter domestically or when abroad.

Dive Motivator (spec-ops. Candidate mentoring)

Mentor program for elite military pipeline candidates (SEAL, SWCC, SWAT, BORTAC, etc.). This mentorship is designed to help candidates develop the knowledge, skills and mental fortitude to succeed in the selection and training process. Free consultation. Call to see if this is the right fit for you.

Firearms and Tactics training

Customized training from a former Navy SEAL for those who wish to learn or improve their firearm skills and/or learn real world tactical knowledge.

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